CCA Application

Welcome to the cyclistconnection Ambassador Program application. Your interest and support for the brand are greatly appreciated.

The objective of this program is to develop a network of cyclists who will represent cyclistconnection with enthusiasm and introduce “newbie riders” to an exciting new lifestyle.

As a CCA, you will become versed in the brands carried in the store, participate in events, and help grow the event calendar in order to bring the joy of cycling to those who don’t know they are cyclists… yet.

If you are selected as a cyclistconnection Ambassador you will be asked to:

• Commit to leading at least one bike ride per month during the riding season (March through October)
• Participate in or host at least one major event.
• Assist with maintaining cyclistconnection social media accounts*
• Attend scheduled Ambassador team meetings
• Wear cyclistconnection branded apparel when and where appropriate as well as represent the brand with a positive and upbeat attitude.

As a cyclistconnection Ambassador you will receive:

• 25% off all parts and accessory purchases
• One bike at employee discount price
• The joy of working with Ric Noland (The Legend)

We are excited to get to know you and hear your ideas for cycling in our region in the next year.

To complete the application process, click HERE.

Shop Ambassador:
Shop ambassadors help our staff provide the best service on behalf of the cyclistconnection brand. They promote shop products and services by interacting with customers, potential customers, and friends. Shop Ambassadors are brand representatives and relationship managers. The objective of the shop ambassador is to be the extra hands and voices for the store, on behalf of cyclistconnection.

*All social media postings on behalf of CC will be a part of a marketing plan and approved by Ric Noland, or representative.

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