How it all began

While planning a ride with the local community, one of my regular customers walks in and suggests “Why don’t you do a ride for autism?”. I half considered it and continued with what I was doing (I knew NOTHING of the disorder). The very next day, a friend from high school calls me up and tells me she wants to start a ride for… “autism”. Well, some signs you just don’t ignore.

These two kids…

These two kids have set my life on a different path than I had expected. I’m forever grateful to know them and consider their parents my friends. Please support our cause and donate when you can. Our ride is ten years into its journey. Still in our infancy, we celebrate the accomplishments and strives taken to help families and loved ones cope and understand autism. Join us on Saturday, April 22nd 2017.


With your donation of $30 or more (and at your request), we will send you a Ride4Autism Tshirt. However, we appreciate ANY denomination for the cause.

AAAA T-Shirts Still Available

Autism Awareness Across America – We rode from California back home spreading awareness and making new friends along the way. Share your support for just $5 by wearing one of our shirts. Supplies are limited. Available at cyclistconnection and soon online.

Autistic Adventures!!

An estimated 1 out of 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls are diagnosed with autism in the United States each year (and that number is growing). Whether you ride your bicycle across America or right here at home help us spread awareness. Please, Donate what you can to a much needed cause, take some time to ride with us, or just come out and say hello. Let us know that we’re making a difference.

Finishing what we started!!

From our homebase to the east coast, we’re about to complete the journey. Jim and I have added a few friends to help us along with this adventure and we hope you come along as well (virtual or anywhere along the route). Pulling out on Saturday September 16th 2017, we are riding for 8 days to the east coast. Join us!

Ride With Us!!

We enjoy meeting new people and we’d love some company. #comeridewithus #ride4autism #R4A #cyclistconnection #yourridestartshere

Day one…

Well… We started the day with a Garmin snafu (totally my fault), but BIG thanks goes to Helen’s bike shop, that issue was remedied We also completely underestimate the hills. Scratch that… Mountains. Big, audacious, ridiculously steep Mountains!! The good news is (as Jim puts it), this was the best day so far of the entire trip.

So many people, So many places…

An adventure to remember FOREVER! We left Arizona and entered New Mexico, taking time to see Gallup (John Wayne’s hang out), Albuquerque (LOVED the Turquoise Trail), Sante Fe (enjoyed the local Indian cuisine and arts market), Las Vegas (rode the Sante Fe trail with stories of Billy the Kid), and finally Clayton. All I can say is… the world is a beautiful place! #R4A #spreadtheword

Good Times / Great Memories

Took some time at the Grand Canyon today showing a friends Dad around. Staying in Flagstaff this evening then onto Holbrook AZ tomorrow. @markveltre #inmemoryof #R4A #Ride4Autism #grandcanyon

The Darndest Things…

JRA (that’s “Just Riding Along” to you non-bike shop folks) historic Route 66 when BAM… This is what I see. I think at first that the heat is REALLY getting to me, but no… the oasis is still there. Coolest collection of bottles I’ve ever seen.


When you decide to ride uphill, into the wind, in the rain, and then you want to get a flat tire?… Bring Your Own Bike Mechanic!!