The Difference

There are several reasons why cyclistconnection is “A Different Kind of Bike Shop”, starting with your first impression right down to your overall experience. Allow us to take you on a virtual tour beginning with just a few of our “exclusive” services.

Lifetime Labor Free
Yes, that’s correct… Lifetime Labor Free!! We don’t just offer you a one time free tune up on your new purchase, we give you this service for as long as you own it. That includes gear adjustments, brake adjustments, wheel truing and more. The only thing you need to do is keep the tires inflated and yes, clean your bike on occasion. Check the Service page for full details.

Low Price Guarantee
We label our bikes at the lowest price possible from the start. Meaning there’s no need to spend your time shop hopping checking out where you can get the best deal. It’s right here. In adition, we’ll match any publicly “advertised” price of any identical bike that’s in stock from any authorized dealer. Period.
Cut Spending 2

Rewards Card
Taking a page from the Subway sandwich artists, we’ve developed the Rewards Card. You guessed it, when you buy 10 bikes you get the next one FREE. Really, it’s not as crazy as is sounds. We gave away two bikes the very first year we introduced this. Every purchased you’ve made from 2010 until now applies. From your kids bike to your decked out full-suspension race rig, they all count. On your thenth bike purchase we’ll take the average price of the collective and give you that amount in store credit. Now seriously, what other bike shop gives you that? NONE!!

Lifetime Fitting
When you make a purchase at cyclistconnection, you can rest assured that your purchase is being made with confidence. We guarantee that the size and fit of your new bike will be the right one for you. Not only on the day you make your purchase, but long after that as well. Every bike purchase comes with a free professional quick fit and a pro fit ($150 value) is also provided free of charge on all performance level bikes.

Kid’s “Trade in-Trade up”
Get up to 50% back on your old bike! That’s right. When your little one isn’t so little anymore, bring their bike in for a “trade up” to the next size. It’s that easy. In addition to that, you get a chance to help kids that aren’t as fortunate. You see, every “trade in” gets recycled to local charities such as Christmas for the Kids, Adopt-a-Family, Tools4Schools, and more.

Ride Club
Become a member today and receive the best perks in the business. Being part of this group gives you early access to sales events, discount days, zero percent interest financing for up to one year, and more. Ask an associate for details (applications will be available online very soon).

The cyclistconnection Ambassador
Every year we elect a new Ambassador to promote the cyclistconnection brand. The application process is open from January 1st until February 14th. After a representative has been chosen, your duties begin on March 1st… PROMOTE THE SHOP! For more information, ask an associate or visit the application page.  

Project Pelotonia
If you’re from central Ohio, then you already know that Pelotonia is a BIG deal. It’s an event that raises awareness (as well as millions of dollars) to End Cancer once and for all! 100% of rider proceeds go directly to the James Cancer center to find a cure. We enjoy and are humbled to be a part of this event and we offer discounts and wrench support, as well as fund raising assistance to all participants of this ride. If you would like to volunteer in this effort, please stop in ask us how you can get involved.