“How much is it to fix my bike?”… That’s the first and most typical  question we hear. Fortunately, we’re not interested in just selling  complicated, expensive repair packages. Our main focus is to do what’s  best for you and your bike.

This is a summary of our most common repairs based on a standard labor rate of $85/hr.  
Cost may vary, but always with a FREE estimate. 

Any parts required will incur additional costs.
Repairs left after 7 days will be charged a storage fee of $3 a day unless otherwise noted. Repairs left after 90 days will be considered abandoned.

 24hour Priority Service…….$35
Yes, we all wait until the last minute to get ready for the Big  Event. Unfortunately, the shop isn’t able to knock out a hundred  repairs in one day. We do our best to be fair to everyone with a first  in, first out policy, but that doesn’t always work out in your favor.  For a nominal fee, we will bump your bike up and to facilitate your  request. 


All work orders are given a double inspection and test ridden. Once the work order is complete, we ask that your bike is picked up within 7 days. After that time, a storage fee will be charged of $3 a day unless otherwise noted. Repairs left after 90 days will be considered abandoned.

What is Lifetime Labor Free?


Well, simply put… It’s the BEST service ANY bike shop has to offer.
We will maintain your bike for life. Period. And that’s even  transferable to a new owner (as long as there is a shop decal on the  frame, *the bike has been serviced on at least an annual basis, AND you  come in with a smile, there are no questions asked). What’s included:
For starters, the Annual Tune-Up package is available at your convenience. Not just once a year, but as often as you see fit.
We will install any and all upgrades (above a $50 value) purchased through cyclistconnection for FREE. We even install your new tube if and when you get a flat.
What’s not included:
Overhauls (such as headset, bottom bracket and hubs).
Bearing and spoke replacement.
Last… Cleaning! Drivetrain cleaning and just washing your bike on  occasion are two simple things that everyone should do themselves.  Really. Every time you break out that hose to wash the car, splash a  little bit of that soapy water in your bikes’ direction.

*We ask that your bike is serviced annually. Why? Simple… We’ve been  in business for over 20years and it’s not fair to expect FREE labor on a  neglected bike that’s been sitting behind the barn and half rusted.  HOWEVER… we want you back in the saddle and we will support that in  every way possible.
If your bike has NOT been serviced for awhile, we’ll do the work at HALF  PRICE, then… it’s back to FREE as long as you visit us at least once a  year after that.